Yasenka Skinage Collagen Production Active – Awaken the skin from sleep and give it the energy of the day

17. August 2021.


To-do list

Drop children to school

Make an appointment

Submit a report

Do the training

Pick up the kids

Going out with girls

Lack of time and crowded schedule became part of everyday life. Balancing between business commitments, children and attempts to maintain social life often shows the first results on our skin. The skin becomes dry, dark bags appear under the eyes, the swollen appearance and lack of sleep becomes clearly visible on our face.

Yasenka took care of the skin that follows the dynamic pace of life of today’s women.

Yasenka Skinage Collagen Production Cream Active

It contains a revolutionary combination of molecules in skin revitalization

Lifotonin-expert, hyaluronic acid and Dawnergy peptides are all that your skin needs to wake it up.

How do they work?

We are all familiar with the problem of looking for a collagen cream that will achieve a deep effect and fill in the wrinkles that form. After numerous creams that you have tried, have you come to the conclusion that all creams are the same and simply do not work?

We will reveal to you what the problem is. Collagen molecules are simply too large to pass through pores in the skin. Their effect is based on the fact that such preparations leave a thin film on the skin that fills small wrinkles and irregularities on the surface and seemingly leads to skin tightening.

What should we do so that the effect is not just apparent?

In order for the result not only to be apparent, it is necessary to awaken our fibroblasts – cells in the dermis whose main role is collagen synthesis. As we age, their activity decreases and the result is wrinkles on our face. The alarm that will successfully wake up fibroblasts is called Liftonin – expert. Liftonin – expert is a small molecule that passes through the pores in the skin, binds to fibroblasts and encourages them to do what they were created for – they synthesize collagen that will fill wrinkles.

If wrinkles were the only problem of our face, we might have survived them, but the morning look in the mirror and the view of a swollen face with bags under the eyes is the main traitor that we slept too little last night again.

Yasenka Skinage Collagen Production cream active brings a solution to this problem as well. It comes in the form of a Dawnergy peptide molecule.

Dawnergy peptide is a revolutionary molecule in skin revitalization. Its activity reaches deep into the cell.

By entering the cell nucleus activates the so-called. “Clock genes” that trigger physiological processes in the cell itself and enable it to achieve wakefulness faster. In addition, it stimulates mitochondria in fibroblasts and increases energy synthesis and microcirculation. The result is a clinically proven reduction in the volume of bags under the eyes and a reduced feeling of swelling of the entire face.

The synergistic effect achieved by Liftonin – expert and Dawnergy will wake your skin from sleep and give it the energy of the day.

With two revolutionary molecules, there is a third without which our face cream is unthinkable. You guessed it, it’s hyaluronic acid.

Only hydrated skin is beautiful skin. That is why Yasenka Skinage Collagen Production Cream Active also contains a high concentration of hyaluronic acid, which nourishes and hydrates the skin and provides us with a fresh look.

Skinage Collagen Production Cream Active brings the ideal combination so that the skin can keep up with the active pace of the day. The skin is hydrated and nourished, and age and lack of sleep no longer leave visible marks on your face. Because women still like to keep some things to themselves.