YASENKA IMUNO BOOST – Survive the winter without the virus and flu

17. August 2021.


Do you know what happens in the body when you start to feel like something has stepped on you or you are going to get sick?

You feel tired and without energy. Our body encounters and fights various pathogens every day, battles are fought inside the body that we do not feel because team members called immune cells bravely stand on the line of defense and defeat viruses and bacteria. But what if those battles last too long, the enemy is numerically superior and overpowered and the immune cells deplete all their energy? It is then that the “inner struggle” becomes visible and we feel it. Our body becomes weak, without energy, there are body aches, headaches, lack of concentration, runny nose and sore throat. Our immune system urgently needs help. The real help is bringing in enough extra energy to fight, and what best feeds small soldiers called immune system cells are amino acids.

What are amino acids?

Amino acids are organic molecules that build proteins in the human body and give it energy. We divide them into essential (those that the body cannot synthesize must be ingested with food), semi-essential (arginine and histidine) and non-essential (the body synthesizes them itself). An important difference between amino acids and other nutrients (fats, starches) is that the body does not have the ability to store amino acid stores – but we must enter all the necessary amino acids in our diet every day.

When is our body’s need for amino acids increased?

When the body is exposed to constant effort – a change of weather and the transition to the colder part of the year, a stressful period at work, strenuous training, weakened immunity. The body then consumes increased energy and the amounts of amino acids that we take in through diet are not enough. In those moments not only do we have no energy but then the activity of our immune system also drops because the cells are left without a main source of energy.

To avoid this and to react to the first sign when you get weakness, pain all over your body and increased need for sleep, but even when the condition has progressed so you barely lift your head off the pillow to get to work reach for Yasenko Immune Boostom. A dietary supplement that contains an ideal combination of 7 vitamins, 7 minerals and as many as 11 amino acids including taurine.

Yasenka Imuno Boost strengthens the immune system, restores energy and allows the body to successfully fight viruses and bacteria. Reach for a bag of Imuno Boost when the first signs of a cold energy in your day. Yasenka Immune boost – an emergency aid to your immunity.

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