17. August 2021.


Efficient, unique, elegant… That’s all we asked of him. If they could still wish to keep our balance and restore the youthful, velvety look of our skin, it would fit perfectly into our daily lives.

Of course we are talking about a new collagen with Yasenka’s signature – Skinage Collagen Elegance.

A product created after long research, listening to the needs of today’s women and with the aim of creating a unique formulation that, unlike all previous products on the market, will restore the skin’s building elements but also provide energy to the whole body.

What’s the secret?

The secret is in the composition. We have long since found the culprit for skin aging, wrinkles and dryness, a decrease in the synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid. These two molecules work perfectly until we are 25 years old and after that we notice that the skin becomes more dry, wrinkles appear, elasticity slowly loses and this process continues until deep wrinkles, gray facial appearance and age spots.
In order to stop this in time, high concentrations and combinations of ingredients are important that will give the skin the best. In addition to containing as much as 10,000 mg of fish collagen type 1, whose molecules are small and formulated to make the best use of our body, Collagen Elegance does not forget about another molecule important for hydration hyaluronic acid and brings it in a concentration of 100mg. Hyaluronic acid nourishes and hydrates collagen and allows it to be properly incorporated, without a sufficient amount of hyaluronic acid the effect of collagen on the elasticity of our skin is greatly reduced.

Only deeply hydrated skin can become elastic and smooth again. In order for the process of incorporating collagen into our cracked collagen fibers to be fully effective, the formulation of Skinage Collagen Elegance also contains vitamin C, biotin and the entire B vitamin complex, as well as the mineral vitality of our skin, hair and nails, zinc. Together, they enable the proper synthesis of our natural collagen, but also prevent flaking of the skin, strengthen hair and nails and stimulate their growth. All the building blocks working together allow our skin to make up for what years take away from us and maintain its hydrated and supple appearance.

But how wrinkles are not the only thing that reveals our age. Yasenka was the first to decide to deal with another problem – the lack of energy of our skin and the whole organism.

Accelerated pace of life, improper diet, sunlight, stress .. All this contributes to our skin looking tired, there is grayness in the face and age spots, we feel bad as if we have accumulated too many harmful substances and we would like someone to simply “Wake up”.

How to get rid of it the answer brings. It does not contain sugar, but hides MSM, green tea and Q10. Molecules that provide energy to the body, stimulate the excretion of harmful substances and reduce inflammatory reactions. They allow all cells to make better use of nutrients resulting in revitalizing a tired complexion and reducing skin imperfections (including acne and redness). Green tea and Q10 are invisible shields of all cells of our body, but also alarm clocks that provide energy.

The result is revitalized and deeply hydrated skin, increased body energy, reduced wrinkles, firm and strong hair. Yasenka Skinage Collagen Elegance is more than skin care!

Dare to try it and let the sugar-free energy with the bitter taste of black cherry surprise you.

Efficient, unique, elegant and part of our beauty routine with a Croatian signature – Collagen Elegance

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