Why is it important, especially in summer, to take care of your hair?

18. August 2021.


Hair loss or damage is considered an aesthetic shortcoming today and greatly affects an individual’s self-confidence, as shown by the results of surveys around the world. The goal is to prevent hair damage, as the recovery of the damage is much longer.

The hair shaft consists of the structure of keratin fibers sensitive to external effects, whether they are mechanical, physical or chemical in nature.

Excessive sun exposure is one of the most common causes of structural damage to hair follicles. Namely, it leads to the breakdown and loss of keratin, the main hair protein, but also the breakdown of melanin – hair pigment, also important for protecting keratin from free radicals that occur as a result of photochemical breakdown of hair amino acids due to sun exposure. The result is that hair becomes lighter in summer, but also dry and easily brittle.

How to prevent hair damage caused by sunlight?

  • 1. By avoiding harmful influences
  • 2. By applying hair care products with UV filters
  • 3. Oral supplementation with products to strengthen the hair inside, at the root and inside the hair itself. This can be achieved with the liquid dietary supplement Yasenka Skinage Hair Boost, which is supported by numerous studies and research. Except for the purpose of preventing damage, it is recommended to take it as a kind of therapy after more intense exposure to sunlight in order for the hair to recover from this type of stress.

What are the remaining conditions in which your hair is compromised and requires support from within?

Stress, excessive styling and coloring, unbalanced diet, hormonal changes, but also the aging process itself, which leads to a decrease in the amount of keratin, so the hair becomes thinner and more brittle.

To better understand the processes that take place, it is necessary to know the structure of the hair follicles. It consists of three layers: the soft central part – the medulla, the cortex rich in fibrous proteins and pigments, which also forms the thickest layer, and the protective outer layer – the cuticle. Namely, cosmetic preparations that are applied to the surface of the hair smooth out cracked fragments of the cuticle and only seemingly solve the problem.

For longer-term results and deep renewal, it is necessary to provide support to the hair from the inside, ie to solve the problem at the place of origin, because the loss of fibrous proteins, especially keratin, results in thin, brittle hair prone to breakage. Hair, which has a strong structure rich in amino acids, has proven to be more resistant to external influences and styling to which it is exposed on a daily basis.

Is there a solution?

To provide your hair with quality support from the inside, choose the Yasenka Skinage Hair Boost liquid food supplement. A combination of the patented soluble form of keratin, which after absorption in the body is incorporated into the hair follicles, and B vitamins and zinc, which additionally contribute to the synthesis of the building components of hair. The synergistic action of this impressive combination of ingredients allows your hair to grow better and of better quality. However, what is most important to me as a pharmacist, the effectiveness of this product is clinically proven.


mag.pharm. Nives Antolić

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