What is MSM?

17. August 2021.


Did you know that MSMcan help you achieve a clean complexion, shiny hair and strong nails? Discover why MSM is called a beauty mineral and how it can help you look and feel great.


MSMstands for methylsulfonylmethane – an organic form of sulfur found in fresh fruits and vegetables. Sulfur is attached to the methyl group which allows its high bioavailability and utilization in the body. Despite its high bioavailability and its presence in foods, MSM deficiency often occurs in the body. The reason for this is its unstable nature and decomposition during heat treatment, freezing and food preparation, which is why it is necessary to compensate it with food supplements.

MSM for hair and nails

Nails and hair are primarily composed of a protein with a high sulfur content – keratin – and keratin itself is made up of the amino acid cysteine. In order for cysteine ​​molecules to bind together to form solid keratin, they need sulfur. Sulfur from MSM enables the binding of cysteine ​​molecules to disulfide bridges and strengthens the structure of keratin. The result is reduced hair loss and breakage and increased volume.

Have you ever wondered what lies behind the advice to use a fresh egg mask for firm and shiny hair? The answer lies in the attempt of women to get proteins and amino acids rich in sulfur in order to strengthen the keratin that builds hair. Today, science has confirmed that a much more effective way to strengthen keratin is to use MSM. MSM is a natural source of sulfur that binds the amino acids that make up keratin. If your hair does not have enough of it (the main indicator of keratin deficiency is thin hair prone to hair loss), it is recommended to use a hydrolyzed form of keratin (you can find it in Hair Boost) with the addition of MSM.

If you do not have a problem with thin hair, but it is of adequate volume, but it is prone to breakage and it chronically lacks shine and a healthy look, MSM is the solution for you. It will strengthen keratin, prevent hair breakage and make it resistant to everyday styling. Keratin is also a major nail protein which is why MSM can help nails grow faster and stronger.

MSM and skin

The main building block of the skin is collagen, a protein that consists of three alpha coils. MSM allows the binding of protein coils and the formation of procollagen. Simply put, MSM is involved in the very beginnings of collagen synthesis. Without a sufficient amount of sulfur, there is no proper connection of collagen chains, and the fibers are fragile in the very beginning. With MSM fibers are tightly bound, the formation of new collagen fibers is stimulated and wrinkle formation is prevented. In addition to the well-known functions of action on collagen, MSM also stimulates cellular respiration and reduces the impact of free radicals, neutralizes them and prevents skin damage, and helps remove toxic accumulations. If you suffer from inflammatory skin reactions (acne, allergies, rosacea), MSM will help your skin get rid of the harmful causes of inflammation and allow you to shine.

How to choose the right dietary supplement based on MSM?

When choosing a product, pay attention to the concentration, but also the combination of ingredients. To see the desired effect on your skin, it is recommended to take four grams of MSM daily in combination with a high concentration of Q10 and vitamin C, well-known antioxidants that will protect the cell from oxidative stress and allow sulfur to be incorporated into collagen fibers and allow amino acids to incorporate into collagen fibers.

How does MSM enhance the effects of collagen supplements?

MSM promotes the incorporation of dipeptides and tripeptides – orally ingested forms of collagen – and contributes to making the desired effect more visible on the skin. If you want to speed up and strengthen the effect of collagen supplements, the combination with MSM is a win-win. Just make sure that the amount of MSM is sufficient and in combination with antioxidants. Combined preparations that contain MSM in addition to collagen are available on the market, but its amount is generally insufficient to achieve the desired effect. If you want a proven result, let your choice be Skinage Collagen, which you will occasionally enhance with Skinage MSM.

In short, if you ask Yasenka’s experts what is the best thing you can do for wrinkle-free skin and cover hair, the answer will be simple: A combination Skinage MSM-a and Skinage Collagen Advanced 5000 will smooth out your wrinkles as long as it will Skinage Hair Boost and MSMtake care of hair from the cover and nails resistant to everything (including dishwashing).

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