What causes premature aging and how to prevent it?

17. August 2021.


With aging, almost all processes within the body slow down. Although aging is a perfectly normal part of life, in some people this process begins well before it is common to call it premature aging.

Signs of premature aging

The aging process and the signs that appear vary from person to person. However, there are certain signs that are considered premature aging if they occur before 35. years of age. Here are some of them:

  • hyperpigmentation spots
  • thinned skin on hands
  • dry skin (in people who previously had normal skin)
  • wrinkles and sagging skin
  • hair loss

Causes of premature aging

There are several different factors that directly affect the appearance of signs of premature aging.

These are:

  • smoking
  • excessive and unprotected sun exposure
  • genetics
  • poor sleep quality
  • poor nutrition
  • excessive consumption of caffeine and alcohol
  • air pollution
  • stress

How to prevent and delay the signs of aging?

Although aging cannot be completely avoided, it can be slowed down. If you want to prevent premature aging and keep a youthful appearance for as long as possible, then you need to act on your skin and body from the outside and inside.

Use sunscreen

The cream with a protective factor is not only needed in summer and when we are at sea, but throughout the year because the sun causes invisible damage to the skin even when it is cloudy outside.

Clean your face regularly and remove makeup

Facial care has a great influence on the appearance of signs of aging. Twice a day you should wash your face with water and a gentle cleansing gel and be sure to remove make-up before bed.

Get proper sleep

Sufficient sleep is important for the health of the whole organism, including the skin. Try to go to bed at about the same time every night and get enough hours of sleep a night.

Eat right

Proper and varied diet will provide all the nutrients the body needs, which will be reflected in the appearance of your skin.

Consume enough water

Dehydration causes faster wrinkles. That’s why it’s important to drink enough fluids every day. It would be best to consume only water, natural juices and unsweetened teas and avoid carbonated beverages.

Work out

Physical activity stimulates circulation, which will make your skin look healthier and younger.

Stop smoking

No matter how many cigarettes you smoke per day and for how long, it is never too late to quit smoking. When you stop exposing your body to cigarette smoke, you will see your skin regenerate faster.

Take collagen

Already in the mid-20s, the collagen fibers in the skin begin to separate, and the interstices filled with hyaluronic acid shrink and empty. Then the skin becomes less elastic and supple and wrinkles and other signs of aging appear.

To provide your body with enough collagen and hyaluronic acid, choose Yasenka Skinage Collagen Prestige liquid dietary supplement. In addition to collagen and hyaluronic acid, it contains B complex vitamins and vitamin C.

A powerful combination of these ingredients regenerates the skin, protects cells from oxidative stress, reduces wrinkles and restores a youthful appearance. Protect your skin on time and it will be grateful to you in the long run.

Author: Centar Zdravlja

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