Viruses and immunity – how to eliminate your own panic?

17. June 2021.


In recent days, the only thing you can read on the portals is the topic of coronavirus, which is spreading day by day and affecting more and more victims.

As much as you try to critically read these articles and make sure you don’t belong to the population that gets sick most often, the question again arises as to what you can do to fully protect yourself.

The coronavirus, as well as the flu virus with which it is often compared, most often affects the elderly, the chronically ill and people with weakened immune systems. If you do not find yourself in the first two categories, you are probably wondering if your immunity is strong enough to defend you from the corona, but also from other viruses, which, due to sudden changes in weather, are on the rise.

Daily commitments, stress, improper diet and lack of physical activity impair immunity and contribute to easier illness from viral infections.

When we add to all this collectives in which someone always has a cold but “not so much to stay at home” and our youngest who bravely bring all the viruses from kindergarten and school home, it is not surprising that, after encountering the virus, our body does not have enough antibodies to destroys the virus he encountered, rather than catching colds, viruses, increased feelings of fatigue and exhaustion.

How to strengthen immunity?

The latest clinical research shows that you can strengthen your immunity the fastest with amino acids. During the encounter with the virus, the body intensifies the synthesis of cells of the immune system whose task is to destroy the virus. Antibodies are built precisely from amino acids, and if we do not have enough of them, the body’s attempt to synthesize antibodies will be unsuccessful. Ensuring a sufficient number and concentration of amino acids in the body stimulates innate and acquired immunity, enables the synthesis of antibodies and encourages their activation.

By selecting a product such as Yasenka Imuno Boost, which contains as many as 11 amino acids, 7 vitamins and 7 minerals, provides your body with protection against viruses. Yasenka Imuno Boostprovides the body with all the necessary amino acids for antibody synthesis, activates and strengthens the immune system, and provides you with the energy to survive stressful situations without compromising immunity.

Of course, with the right choice of immune products, it is important not to forget to wash your hands properly and often, ventilate the areas where you stay, avoid large crowds and use wipes when sneezing, but do not panic.

Protect yourself with Yasenka Imuno Boost, be sure that your immunity is strong enough and enjoy everyday life.

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