17. August 2021.


Of the wide range of products available on the market, we are particularly proud of Yasenka Uro Balance, a liquid dietary supplement. Uro Balance contains:

  • 2.5 g of D-mannose
  • 100 mg of American cranberry fruit extract
  • 100 mg of plant extract Bird’s yard
  • 80 mg of vitamin C.

We are glad that our customers have recognized the quality and fast performance of Uro Balance.

Today, it can be said with almost certainty that every second woman and 30% of men have experienced some kind of urinary tract infection at least once in their life. The numbers tell us that urinary tract inflammation is a very common problem and we are glad that we have found a way to alleviate and eliminate this problem for you.

The synergistic effect of D-mannose and cranberry extract in a short time helps you fight urinary tract infections.

The most common cause of urinary tract inflammation are microorganisms, among which the leading bacterium is Escherichia coli. When the first symptoms appear (problems with urination – burning, frequency of urination, pain), you should react immediately and start taking Uro Balance, without waiting for the results of the urine sample (waiting time is 3 to 10 days), because the fast action of Uro Balance will ease your symptoms. and / or eliminate them completely.

Dosing of Uro Balance is simple: 30 ml once a day.

D-mannose and cranberry extract

D-mannose is a simple sugar molecule derived from glucose. A large number of studies with D-mannose and its binding toEscherichia coli have been confirmed and confirmed a positive effect. How does D mannose work?

D-mannose binds to the surface shoots of Escherichia coli. Due to the higher affinity of E. coli for D-mannose than for bladder cells, its binding to the bladder is naturally prevented and together with D-mannose molecules E.Coli is removed from the body by urination.

Why is a combination with cranberry extract important?

BecauseE.coli has different shoots, most of them will be blocked by D-mannose, but to completely prevent the bacteria from binding to the bladder cells, there is cranberry. The active substances from cranberry extract (proanthocyanidins) bind to the second type of surface shoots and thus again prevent binding to bladder cells.

In short, cranberry and D-mannose have a synergistic effect, double action, faster and better binding to E.coli and expulsion from the body.

The reason more why Uro Balance works in a short time

After binding the bacteria to D-mannose and cranberries, we want to encourage them to leave the body as soon as possible.

This will help the Birdwatch, which has been proven to help excrete water through the urinary tract, while vitamin C contributes to the normal function of the immune system and helps the body to successfully fight infection.

Can children use Uro Balance?

Uro Balance contains natural ingredients and can be used by children from 3. years. The dose for children from 3 to 6 years is 15 ml once a day while children older than 6 years certainly use a dose of 30 ml once a day.

Can Uro Balance be used preventively?

Recurrent bladder infections are quite common (especially in the seasons – cold sea, wet bathing suits, swimming season in the pool), but they can be prevented. If you know that you belong to the part of the population that is “prone to bladder inflammation”, we advise preventive use of Uro Balance. Given that this is the strongest preparation for prevention available on the Croatian market, it is enough to take only 15 ml once a day.

Additional tips:

With Uro Balance, abundant hydration is recommended, a minimum of 2 liters of fluid per day, even more, preferably water.

Urinary tract infections are not contagious, but increased hygiene is still needed to protect against urinary tract infections. Care should also be taken with a balanced diet, ie avoiding spicy and spicy foods and alcohol.

Likewise, a weakened immune system makes the mucous membranes of the urogenital tract sensitive.

Ne dopustite da Vam upala mokraćnog mjehura pokvari planove. Solve the problem with Yasenka Uro Balance quickly and efficiently.

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