Quality control

The Yasenka factory of medicines, food supplements and cosmetics was opened in Vukovar on the 29th. December 2014 years. Our experts in the analytical laboratory for product quality monitoring continuously control all Yasenka preparations.

vision and mission

We ensure the recognizable quality of our products by implementing and constantly improving the highest quality standards, the most modern technology and top human resources. Health is key to quality of life.

innovation and technology

We continuously monitor market trends, projects and the behavior of end customers in order to obtain current information that is necessary for understanding and adapting to today’s market. That is why investing in research is at the top of our priorities.

partnership and career

If you want to thrive in an environment that rewards responsibility, encourages collaboration, and values ​​your ideas and initiative, Yasenka’s team can become yours as well.


The delivery service is GLS. The advantages are the announcement of the arrival of the package, the possibility of changing the address and delivery date and picking up the package at the nearest package shop. Delivery is within 3-5 working days. In times of intensified promotional activities, the deadline may be extended.


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