17. August 2021.


Stress, hormonal changes, over-styling, unbalanced diet and seasonal changes directly affect the condition of hair growth. Inspired by the latest methods that focus on the requirements of each individual, Skinage HAIR BOOST is an innovative nutritional approach that supports healthy growth and better quality of your hair.

When poor nutrition, stress and external influences leave a mark on our hair and it becomes brittle, dry and begins to fall out, it is necessary to nourish it from within. Cosmetic preparations applied to the surface of the hair smooth out cracked fragments of the hair cuticle and seemingly solve the problem. By using such preparations, the hair often becomes heavy, greasy, but the biggest problem is that the nutrient molecules are too large to be absorbed through the hair cuticle and remain only on the surface and are removed with the next wash. After that, we realize that we only “masked” the problem, but did not solve it. To solve the problem in the long run, it is necessary to work on the fact that the hair during the growth phase has a strong structure rich in amino acids that will make it resistant to external influences and styling to which it is exposed on a daily basis. In order to strengthen it, it needs to be enriched with keratin.

Keratin is the main building block of hair and nails and makes up 80% of the chemical composition of hair. Keratin that builds hair and nails is made up of amino acids that are interconnected. It is the type and amount of amino acids and the number of bonds between them that define the strength and shape of hair, as well as resistance to chemicals and mechanical damage.

SKINAGE HAIR BOOST is the latest innovation in hair health care. . It contains Cynatine® HNS, a patented soluble form of keratin that the body absorbs and incorporates into the hair follicles. It restores broken ties in the hair, strengthens the hair, increases its volume and brings shine. Keratin, which is incorporated into the hair follicles, improves the primary composition of the hair, significantly reduces hair loss and supports and accelerates its growth.

To enhance the effect of keratin, Yasenka’s expert team added B-complex vitamins and zinc to SKINAGE HAIR BOOST. They additionally contribute to the synthesis of amino acids that build hair, keep hair healthy and ensure its shiny and silky appearance.

YASENKA SKINAGE HAIR BOOST product with a clinical study. A clinical study showed impressive results after taking 500 mg of CYNATINE® HNS keratin for 90 days. In the participants who participated in the study, there was a reduction in hair loss by 50% and an increase in the concentration of the amino acid cysteine ​​in the blood and hair structure, which proves the absorption of hydrolyzed keratin from liquid form and its incorporation into the hair. The result is strong and shiny hair that breaks less and is resistant to external factors, as well as increased hair and nail growth.

SKINAGE HAIR BOOST Cynatine® HNS, for the health and vitality of your hair

The health and vitality of hair begins with health only by temporarily hiding the signs of fatigue and aging of your hair. SKINAGE HAIR BOOST with Cynatine ® HNS is a completely different approach that feeds vital hair structural proteins.

Scientists have developed a patentable process that makes keratin soluble, preserves its bioactivity and makes it digestible. Cynatine® HNS solubilized keratin contains highly bioavailable protein-forming blocks, including sulfur-containing amino acids, to replace keratin lost through aging.

The result is the delivery of high-quality keratin proteins directly to cells that help shape hair, nails and skin. Keratin broken down into smaller protein components has a high bioavailability, which means it can quickly begin to regenerate depleted keratin.

SKINAGE HAIR BOOST with Cynatine ® HNS is a liquid formulation of specialized bioavailable keratin, vitamin B complex and zinc that supports healthy protein structures at the microscopic as well as at the visible level. By using this product, you solve the problem at the place of origin, ie at the root and inside the hair itself with SKINAGE HAIR BOOST with Cynatine ® HNS. Let strong and shiny hair become the pride of your look

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