Magnesium – why do we need it so much?

17. June 2021.


Magnezij zajedno s kalcijem regulira tonus mišića i živaca u tijelu. U mnogim živčanim stanicama služi kao kemijski blokator – sve dok ga ima dovoljno, kalcij ne može ući u živčane stanice i aktivirati živce. Na taj način oni ostaju opušteni.


It relaxes nerves and muscles

Magnesium along with calcium regulates muscle and nerve tone in the body. In many nerve cells it serves as a chemical blocker – as long as there is enough of it, calcium cannot enter the nerve cells and activate the nerves. That way they stay relaxed. If our diet is low in magnesium, this blockage can fail, so it can lead to over-activation of nerve cells that then send too many messages to the muscles which then over-contract. This chain reaction explains how magnesium deficiency can trigger muscle tension, tenderness, cramps, and fatigue.

Promotes bone health

Magnesium is important for bone health. Moreover, two-thirds of the total magnesium in the body is found in the bones. This magnesiumfrom the bones has two quite different roles that affect our health. The part gives the bones a body structure because it is found in the Bravais gratings in the bones, along with the minerals phosphorus and calcium. The other part of the bone reserves is located on the surface of the bones. Although it is not part of the bone structure, it acts as a place to store magnesium from which the body can draw it when it does not get enough of that mineral from its diet.

Other health benefits of magnesium

Magnesium is needed for more than 300 different enzymes, the body’s proteins that trigger chemical reactions, so that we can perform our functions. This shows that this mineral really has the most diverse roles in our body. It participates in the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, and also helps in the proper functioning of genes. Some fuels cannot be stored in muscle cells if adequate amounts of magnesium are not available. The metabolic roles of magnesium are so diverse that it is difficult to single out a body system that would not be affected by its deficiency.


In addition to poor dietary intake, the most common cause of magnesium deficiency are problems related to the digestive system. These include insufficient nutrient absorption, diarrhea, and ulcerative colitis. Many types of physical stress, such as colds, physical trauma, and surgery, can contribute to magnesium deficiency.

As magnesium has various roles in the body, its deficiency can also manifest itself in various symptoms. Many of these symptoms include changes in nervous system and muscle function, such as muscle fatigue, tremor, and cramps. The heart muscle is affected by arrhythmia, irregular contractions and increased heart rate. Because magnesium is part of the bone structure, a symptom of its deficiency can be softening and weakening of the bones. Other symptoms include unbalanced blood sugar levels, headaches, high blood pressure, depression and loss of appetite.

Because of all the above about the importance of magnesium and essential calcium, Yasenka and her expert research and development team have designed products that meet your need for this mineral.

Magnesium comes in the form of effervescent tablets and in the form of microgranules for direct dissolution in the mouth.

Yasenka Magnesium PLUS effervescent tablets, which in addition to magnesium also contain vitamin C (120 mg) and vitamin B₆ (1.4 mg), without sugar with the taste of grapefruit and lemon, dissolve in a glass of water.

Yasenka Magnesium EFFECT 375 microgranules for dissolving in the mouth, in addition to magnesium, also contain B-complex vitamins, with the taste of orange. This direct mouthpiece is a simple and quick way to enter, suitable for different trips or if you just want simplicity.

With magnesium do not forget to take and

Yasenka Calcium PLUS effervescent tablets, which in addition to calcium also contain 250 mg of vitamin C and 5 µg of vitamin D₃, without sugar with lemon flavor. The tablet is dissolved in a glass of water.

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