17. August 2021.


Strengthening the immune system is usually very simple. The first goal is to supply the immune system with nutrients through diet or supplements. The second goal is to include enough sleep and physical activity in your life. The third goal is to try to reduce stress to a minimum as stress has been shown to reduce the body’s immune defenses. By strengthening the immune system, we not only protect the body from colds and flu, but also protect it from chronic diseases.

Vitamin C is the most researched vitamin that has been proven to strengthen the immune system or the body’s defenses.

Vitamin C comes into important interaction with several key nutrients in the body. Significantly increases the absorption and metabolism of iron, even that ingested by food. It also improves calcium absorption because calcium ascorbate is more easily absorbed than other forms. Furthermore, excessive intake of vitamin A has less toxic effects in the body if vitamin C is available. Vitamin C participates in the regeneration of vitamin E.

Vitamin C is the main water-soluble antioxidant in the body that suppresses free radicals and prevents damage to the aquatic environment, both inside and outside the cell. The long-term consequence of the excessive harmful effects of free radicals within cells on DNA is cancer. Especially in those parts of the body where cell division is extremely fast, as is the case with the digestive system. Preventing DNA mutations is actually preventing cancer. This may be why adequate vitamin C intake is associated with a reduced risk of bowel cancer and why cardiovascular disease, joint disease, and cataracts are attributed to a deficiency of this vitamin.

Vitamin C, which is important for the proper functioning of the immune system, is also good for preventing colds and may prove useful in preventing recurrent ear infections. To protect the body from infections, vitamin C relies on a variety of mechanisms, such as white blood cells, complement and interferons, and at the same time is extremely important for the functioning of these components of the immune system.

Vitamin C is especially used by the immune system and the detoxification system so that any loading of these systems can lead to its deficiency. When the body is exposed to toxins, vitamin C is needed to process and remove them. Therefore, excessive exposure to toxins can also be a risk factor for deficiency.

Smoking and passive smoking also increase the risk of vitamin C deficiency.

Stress is inevitable today in everyday situations and does not affect our health well and unfortunately we cannot control it.

Effervescent tablets with 1000 mg of vitamin C are available from Yasenka’s product portfolio. By using one to two effervescent tablets a day, you can boost your immune system in the simplest way in no time.

Yasenka Imuno C1000, a product containing 1000 mg of vitamin C, in the form of effervescent tablets, and

Yasenka Imuno C1000 plus Zn, a product containing 1000 mg of vitamin C with the addition of zinc, in the form of effervescent tablets.

Do something for yourself right away, supplement your diet with Yasenka’s vitamin C and boost your immune system in the fastest way possible. This will not only reduce stress but also protect yourself and your family.

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