#Discover the Secret

17. June 2021.


I AM PERFECT, but I have a little secret…

I AM PERFECT (point). Has any woman stopped at a point, there is always one (if nothing else small) but.

It often happens that we women perceive our reflection in the mirror much differently (and most often negatively) than what is reflected on the outside. The accelerated pace and increasing pressureto take care of ourselves and our appearance, to be good mothers and wives, to build a career, to take care of and raise all family members, is often difficult and exhausting.

What we want to say is that we women are much more than gender and our looks.

Considering that we deservedly voted for our rights 8.3. early 20. century, we decided to dedicate March to you. We will discover the secrets of success and will that each of us has, answer the ultimate questions, discover what women do, can and want, and encourage all of you to be supportive of each other.

We want to challenge stereotypes like: she is intrusive, stubborn and commanding, because it is just a label behind which hides a confident, ambitious and goal-oriented woman.

#DiscoverThe Secret is a project to mark March!

Every Thursday from 4.- 22.3. we will organize contests on Instagram and Facebook profile @yasenka.health and share the #secretedition edition of the Collagena Prestige skinage, and through the contests we will discover your “strong” women and women you admire and you never told them.

Follow us on social networks @yasenka.health, participate and tell us your story, because it is certainly PERFECT without but!